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White Collar Recruitment

Placing People. Placing Confidence.

Capital funds an organization. Infrastructure gives it the momentum. Technology streamlines the operations. Values and Ethics underline the business philosophy. But it is PEOPLE who drive your organization forward. DSS does not underestimate the power of people. We believe great talent is the fuel for every organization.

Customizing Services for Optimum Results

Whether you are a budding organization or a discerning multinational company, DSS understands your challenges and provides you with the most suited and productive resources. At every milestone in your journey, DSS will stand by you as a companion; we satisfy your changing requirements through our customized permanent Recruitment solutions across the various industry verticals.

DSS has a sophisticated selection process for permanent Recruitment, through which the right candidate is selected for your organization. Whether it’s a senior level, mid-level or entry-level positions, each candidate recruited through DSS goes through extensive intelligence and psychometric assessment to ensure quality and distinction to our clients.

DSS takes pride in molding its selection procedures by the clients’ because we take the pains to understand your organization, apart from the job description, to get the right talent to fit into your organization. Apart from the resumes, we provide our clients with recordings of the interviews conducted by us for the short listed candidates. This helps you to understand the candidate before inviting them for the interview and also increases the conversion rate.

DSS is constantly working towards providing comprehensive permanent solutions for our clients to make it as easy as a cakewalk and help them concentrate on what they are best at- running their businesses.

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Great organization requires great talent. Tell us about your recruitment issues and allow us to help.