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Brentford Group

Brentford is a leading Outsourcing, Recruitment and Contract Hire company in UAE, with a market presence since 2006. Brentford has hired over 2500 people across the UAE and Qatar till date. Known in the industry for providing the highest quality, Brentford is a brand companies trust. Visit our website https://brentfordgroup.com/



At Altudo, we help our clients deliver exceptional customer experience through 1:1 personalization to grow revenue streams. Our deep understanding of the Sitecore ecosystem goes beyond the basics of CMS to unleash the true potential of a seamless, personalized website experience & curating engagement analytics throughout the customer journey. Our personalization frameworks, demonstrated expertise in implementing marketing technology stack & deep expertise in orchestrating Brand messaging helps our clients provide award winning experiences. Visit our website https://www.altudo.co/


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