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Our Methodology

When it comes to staffing, there is no one size fits all solution. That is why we evaluate each client on a case by case basis to truly determine the most cost effective staffing strategy

Of course regardless of the strategy, providing quality people is always our first priority. To ensure we fill every position accurately, we follow a 6-step recruiting and evaluation process

  • methodology

    Phone Screen

    Candidates are initially evaluated through a thorough phone interview

  • methodology

    Resume Review

    Resume is evaluated to ensure skills and experience meet Premier’s standards

  • methodology

    In Person Interview

    After passing the phone screen and resume review, candidates are evaluated through an intense in-person behavioral interview

  • methodology

    Thorough Evaluation Screening

    Each candidate’s skills and abilities are tested including personality evaluations and any relevant skill and software testing

  • methodology

    Background Check

    A complete background check is completed when the position requires

    Reference Check

    Before any candidate is referred to one our clients, a complete reference check and confirmation is completed

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