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Skill Upgradation

Why Skill Up-Gradation?

The quality expectation of a finished product today is higher than before. To deliver up to these expectations, candidates are required to have adequate skills, without which the delivered product will never be up to the required standards. The gap between skills present in candidates and the skills required to work is vast, and even though candidates are willing to learn, no mechanism/program has been able to bridge this gap.

DSS has the ability to train candidates and empower them with a skill that is acceptable by International standards with proper safety induction and assessment of productivity.

Advantages of Skill Up-Gradation

Training Process

In all of our facilities, we provide food, accommodation, and medical services to candidates.

Step 1: Finalize Training Curriculum

DSS engineers will share with you our training programs for the trades that you require. Our curriculum is simply a guideline. DSS engineers will work with your engineers to mold our program according to your needs. We will go through the exact site requirements of each tradesperson including project tools, materials, location, climate, safety laws, working conditions among other critical points to build a unique program to fulfil your needs. Together, we will decide the length of the program.

Step 2: Strategy related Collection of Candidates

Option 1: Ex Middle East Candidates – DSS has the ability to recruit candidates with Middle East Experience. These candidates understand the quality requirements as well as dedication required to deliver the best in the class project within limited timelines.

Option 2: Local Experienced Candidates – DSS will recruit candidates with domestic experience. All candidates will go through a strict induction test. Candidates who pass our induction test will be invited into our training program.

Option 3: Your Current Workforce – DSS also has the ability to induct your current workforce into our training institute and provide them with the skill up-gradation you feel they require.

Option 4: Combination of Option 1, 2 and 3: DSS can accommodate a combination of the options mentioned above. Often, recruiting a small percentage of Ex Middle East candidates has a very positive effect on the rest of the workforce as they get to learn from the most experienced candidates.

Training your workforce under charge hands and foreman with overseas experience will improve the overall productivity. We have witnessed this in a large number of cases.

Step 3: Final Test and Mobilization

Your team will share with us the mobilization timeline based on which our team will recruit and train candidates. Upon the completion of the training program, your technical team will be requested to visit our centre to conduct a ‘Final Test’. We will only mobilize candidates who pass your final test. You will pay us for the same. Candidates that fail your test will not be your responsibility.

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