Why Skill Up-Gradation?
The quality expectation of a finished product today is higher than before. To deliver up to these expectations, candidates are required to have adequate skills, without which the delivered product will never be up to the required standards. The gap between skills present in candidates and the skills required is vast and even though candidates are willing to learn, no mechanism / program have been able to bridge this gap.

Dynamic Staffing Services (DSS) has the ability to train candidates and empower them with skill which is acceptable by International standards with proper safety induction and assessment of productivity.

  • Over 1780 Technical Training Institutes in India run by the Govt. and most of the focus is on the manufacturing industry.

  • Traditionally, workers of most trades have been learning skills working with their relatives.

  • Our Training program helps them to upgrade their knowledge & skills and make them site ready.

  • Most of the large Construction Companies in the Gulf have set up facilities to train workers during their employment, to upgrade skills to achieve better quality & productivity.

  • Costs of training at a project site is much higher than training in India.

  • Our training program is structured to meet the specific requirements of the client.

  • Our success with our clients has encouraged us to expand further.