Skill Up-Gradation Advantages

Ideal learning environment with implicit motivations
Based on our experience over the last 3 decades with a multitude of operatives, it is our view that an Indian operative’s motivation to learn would drastically decrease once he knows that his job is in hand. An environment where he has to learn to earn an attractive job, motivates him tremendously.

Attitude assessment
Unlike traditional selection process, training gives us the opportunity to assess the candidate’s attitude. This is a critical advantage as not all skilled candidates are beneficial for the client and in fact, historically, it has only taken a few operatives with a disruptive attitude to create challenges for companies.

Instilling of discipline and preparation for life in Gulf
Most workers have never lived in a camp facility or worked in a regimented environment. BITT’s training is the worker’s first introduction to the type of environment they would be expected to live and work in, for the coming few years. Further, worker from different regions get to meet and connect with each other, easing their initial period, post landing in gulf.

Impact on skill and foundation knowledge
Most tradesmen in India have learnt their trades through informal means. In most cases, they are aware of what to do, they are not aware why it is done that way, whether there is a more efficient way to do it and how their work fits into the greater scheme of the project.

Prepare the workers to deal with negative influences on worksites
Most workers who do not have prior overseas experience are simple and sometimes naive and typically would fall prey to the negatives influences on worksites. Overtime and slowdown of work, group bargaining, alcohol etc.

Prepare the workers to make the most of opportiunities available to them
It can take very long periods of time for workers to develop an understanding of how they can maximize their opportunities through incentive programs, skill upgrades, developing communication skills etc.

Hit the worksite running
Workers arriving at the jobsite with prior knowledge of items like safety, PPE, modern construction methods etc. are likelier to commence delivering faster than those who do not.