Our Philosophy
DSS Philosophy is to provide fare opportunity to candidates so that they come back again and they are not been charged not more than the agreeable amount to ensure quality. Also, a good worker doesn’t need to buy a job. This philosophy makes us (DSS) different from.

We have been successful because we hire over 20 engineers to conduct short listing for our clients. It’s our belief that only a technical person can conduct a technical interview and without a technical interview, we never present candidates to our clients.

Candidate Wins... Client Wins... DSS Wins...
To ensure that the employee wins, DSS remains completely transparent with the candidate and explains all aspects of the job as well as the project site accurately. DSS also makes sure that the candidate has the right skill set to complete the task he’s being selected for. DSS also ensure that each candidate being deployed has the right attitude. If the Candidate wins, our client wins and DSS automatically wins.

Deal directly with the candidate
We have 4 offices across India which allows us to deal with the workers directly. We use no partners or sub agents. When agencies uses sub agents, workers ends up paying too much money. Good worker does not need to buy a job. Our offices allow us to deal directly with the worker which helps us ensure that our service charge is low. This attracts high quality candidates.

Pre Dispatch
Each candidates goes though pre dispatch training session where he is taught about basic safety guidelines, site norms, working conditions among other critical points that help our candidates be successful.