Company Profile
The leading Human Resources Consultant delivering the highest quality human resources from the Indian Subcontinent to clients across the globe.

Founded in 1977, DSS is a part of the 1800 people strong Dynamic Group of companies; a diversified conglomerate with business interests in manufacturing and information technology. Over the last three decades, DSS has earned a strong reputation and built a domain expertise in the Human Resources industry. The company has also established widespread office/testing center network which enhances its ability to source candidates from various parts of the Indian - Subcontinent. DSS's wide geographical reach, coupled with expert knowledge of regional skill strengths has enabled it to become one of the largest Human Resource consultancies in West Asia.

Registration No.: B-0718/DEL/COM/1000+/5/12/84
Valid till : 14 April 2018

Trusted HR provider to several Fortune 500 multinationals.
Capable of delivering the full spectrum of HR needs accros the organisational hierarchy.
High quality and cost effective services.
Quick turnaround time.
Wide network of offices covering a population base of over 900 million people.
Certified and recognized by the Indian government.
Regional group office in the Middle East to support client projects.

  • Placed over 190000 personnel from the Indian subcontinent for opportunities in over 25 countries.
  • Post placement rejection rates below 1% due to stringent processes and highly experienced recruitment team.
  • Leading HR agency for several Fortune 500 companies.