Creating an Executive Wardrobe
The corporate world is more competitive than ever and the new generation working woman must know ways to get ahead of her male and female counterparts. Knowledge, skill and the ability are vital for success in the corporate world, but your personality and how you carry yourself are also key factors in climbing up the corporate ladder.

Any working women wants to be taken seriously in her office, her choice of clothing is critical towards this end. No matter what her designation is, she needs to dress well to project a professional and competent image. The selection of clothes, the style, the color and the fit speaks volumes about her aptitude to do her job.

A working woman should avoid the latest fads in clothes. She should go for classic styles that are comfortable and well fitting. Clothes made of good quality material, complemented by quality workmanship are ideal. Most colors are suitable for professional clothes, however, fluorescent colors and wild prints should be totally avoided. Generally, the most popular colors are red, navy, gray and black. Pantsuits or skirts in feminine colors, such as ice blue, lilac and soft pink, are also catching on since they are subtle and very pleasing to the eyes.

Owing to a surge in demand for western wear, many leading brands have brought out good quality ladies’ clothing at fairly reasonable prices. Remember, heavy jewelry is always inappropriate for office wear. Stick to small, cute looking ear tops and pendants. These, along with a watch and a bangle are more than enough. Similarly, your bags and belts should be classy not glittery. Comfort should be the criterion when selecting shoes. Stick to the basics and try to look professional in every way possible.

Shopping for Work wear
While shopping for office wear, take a conservative approach to dressing. Go for clothes that fit well and suit your personality. The right clothes have a feel good factor and exude confidence. There are innumerable outlets selling quality clothing and accessories from fabulous brands such as Fab India, W, Anokhee, Raymond, Allen Solly, Park Avenue, Benetton, Giovanni, and Van Heusen. So, finding the right wardrobe that suits your style and budget is not a problem. Buy only branded shoes since they offer good styles, are comfort and give years of service. Brands such as Bata, Woodland and Liberty are known for their reliability and durability.

Apart from clothes, accessories play a vital part in a woman’s overall outlook. Choose good quality handbag, sunglasses, watch, and scarf to complete your outfit. Of course, remember to select a light perfume.

Business Casuals
IT, the most happening sector in the country is a tad ahead of the rest when it comes to workplace dressing and business casuals. Strongly influenced by the “America” factor, the Indian geeks love to be cool, flexible and dynamic, all at the same time. Business casual clothing, that suits the needs of the corporate world, is available in the market place. The best part about business casual clothing is that it projects a professional image while providing the comfort that is associated with casual clothing.

Business Casuals that Work
Dressing down, Friday dressing and smart casuals are fashion terms widely used these days and suitable business casual attire includes pants in cotton, wool or synthetic material, knee length dresses and skirts, casual shirts, sweaters, tops, and turtlenecks. These days, even suit jackets or sport jackets are acceptable. Wear light makeup and perfume, and avoid heavy jewelries.

What Not To Wear
Not all casual clothes are appropriate for the office. Here are few guidelines that will assist you in determining what is improper to wear for work.
  • Clothes that reveal too much cleavage or are see thru are totally unacceptable, as are low waist jeans.
  • Wearing clothes that are wrinkled, dirty, torn or frayed are unacceptable in any setting, leave alone business.
  • For a professional appearance at work, never wear clothes that are better suited for a party, bar or health club.
While getting dressed for office, try to look professional. A guide line can be taken from the clothes worn by the female executives at the work place. A black dress is a great choice for a working woman. It fits in with almost every occasion - a normal office day, a high profile meeting or even a business dinner. A professional look along with excellent business skills are a sure formula for success in your career.

Don’t be too flamboyant while dressing for work, as you will only attract the wrong kind of attention. It is always safer to go for conservative styles instead of trying out flashy trends. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an executive wardrobe. Be creative, mix and match separates, accessorize them with a pretty scarf or belt, wear an elegant string of pearls and you will certainly stand out from the crowd - a confident, smart professional who is going places!