Achieving Career Goals
Career makeovers that are widely propagated on various television shows and magazines are quite enticing for women all over the globe. They are extremely popular because the very idea of getting a fresh start that leads to a better life or prospects is very exciting. Today’s women have lots of expectations in life. They are looking for constant improvement whether it be on their home front, their body, and more so on the career front.

The concept of career makeover is not new. Makeover may be brought about within the job that you are doing or by going in for a new job. These makeovers automatically affect various aspects of a person’s life, especially if the unsatisfactory parts are done away with. If you have changed job or industry, been assisted by a recruiter, updated your CV or pursued higher education to boost your job prospects or career opportunities, you have already taken steps to improve or “make over” your vocation.

Tips that will help you take you to a whole new level after your makeover career are discussed below:
  • Introspection - look within yourself
  • How do you perceive yourself? Are you an optimist? Do you have the required level of confidence? Are you self assured? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? Do you have the right attitude to life and career? Are you happy with the kind of person that you are? Why do you think you need a makeover, and in which area of your work life should it be primarily focused? Also, if there is a problem area, is it within you or is it some external factor? Often the external factors are a result of your perceptions.

    A little introspection and working on your “inner self” are crucial when it comes to creating a career makeover. If your internal thoughts are not in sync with the actions that you need to take, you’ll often feel discontented and even disconnected with what you are trying to achieve and hence will not succeed in your efforts. Changes in life starts on the inside, you can go for some counseling if you need any support. It would be quite difficult to take the necessary steps for betterment unless the internal issues are resolved.

  • Have the right work/life balance
  • Managing your time efficiently is a key component of effectively managing your career. Is your work life separate from your home life? Do you take office work home and complete them in the evenings or weekends? Is your topic of discussion at home around your work? Do you have the time to unwind and feel refreshed?
    Drawing the line or achieving the perfect work/life balance is the most difficult part when it comes to career makeovers. If you work non-stop and if your organization does not allow you to set boundaries around your time, you will surely burn out. In such a case, you need a career change at the earliest! It’s a difficult call to take, but you must realize that you won’t be able to give your best if you don’t have a work/life balance in your job.

  • Build healthy relationships
  • Are your friends and colleagues supportive of you and your goals, or are they dragging you down on the career front? It is true that personal and professional relationships can have a massive influence on your ambition and career growth. Evaluate your friendships, and let go of some relationships that are worthless. Instead, forge relationships with people who will be supportive of you and encourage you on the right track. Look for mentors who have the ability to guide you in your career path.

  • Begin with a vision
  • Dare to dream and think about what you want to be in five years time. No dream is too lofty if you chart an effective course. Having definite professional goals is imperative in any career makeover. Have a clear vision in life; determine what kind of job will take you towards your goal and remain on track.

  • Prepare for the change
  • After determining what you want in life, you can start assessing where you stand. Gauge your skills and analyze your areas of strength and weakness. In order to reach your career goals, work to overcome those weaknesses and build on your strong areas. Knowing where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow is vital. The rest is all about managing the “gap” in between.

  • Start at the end and work backwards
  • Suppose you have your dream job and are living the life you always craved for, think about the steps you took to make all this possible. Work in a reverse order till you arrive back at where you are at present. Awareness of the effective steps that you took will help you understand what you have to do to go further up in your career. Now, you should develop a plan of action for achieving fresh goals by giving each new step a timeline.

  • Polish your skills
  • A great way to create a career makeover is to work on your skills and capabilities. Doesn’t matter whether you go back to college or take up an advanced training programme in parts; anything that you do to enhance your skills, can surely benefit your career. Do all the research required, have in-depth knowledge about your industry; attend seminars and conferences where you can keep abreast with the latest trends. Take guidance from mentors; read industry periodicals and be in touch with the market buzz. Check with your human resources department in order to find out if your company offers any internal training opportunities. Also take advantage of your organization’s tuition reimbursement programs if any.

Planning for the future is important. No matter who you are and where you have reached in your career, there will be ups and downs. It’s impractical to think that you will have this great job for your entire life. You may have to deal with various negative issues like transfers, a difficult boss, and even job loss due to a downturn in your industry, as is happening all around us today. These are hard facts of professional life and you have to deal with them with a strong mind and will. There is no guarantee that the job that is keeping you happy today will provide you the same satisfaction 5-10 years from now. So, it’s always better to be mentally and financially prepared for the worst and have an exit strategy when the tide turns. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

Remember, no matter what career or lifestyle you choose, you need a strategic career plan. You are the master of your life, and your career makeover is totally your responsibility. Have a clear vision of your aspirations. Chart a course that will lead you towards your ultimate goal. Take the guidance of a good mentor to stay on track. Be focused to make the transition smoother and to achieve your career goals.