Are you in the right Job?
Everyone dreams of enjoying a lifetime of smooth sailing, but the reality is that very few on this planet are privileged for such a life. Everyone knows that smooth sailing in this cutthroat corporate world is virtually impossible. At the end of the day it’s all about JOB SATISFACTION. Nothing is more stressful or less motivating than working in a place just because of the fear of the unknown.

Even though it’s not possible to be happy with our job 100 percent, we should and we can strive to improve the numbers. No matter in whatever field you may be working, a short quiz given below would help you come to a conclusion just how satisfied you are in your current job, and what you can do to boost up your morale.

Do I like or dislike my job?
When you contemplate about your work, what is your first reaction? Do you hate the idea of getting prepared for office every morning or do you look forward to it. Do you enjoy working on the daily tasks and do you like your colleagues and bosses.

Why do I do my job?
Are you inspired or motivated to work because you find it challenging and fulfilling? Do you just complete your daily tasks for the compliments and perks?

Where does my strength lie?
Are you bored with your job assignments and feel that they are stopping your progress to the next level in your career? Are your skills utilized to the optimum?

Am I a team player?
Do I like to work alone or in a team or a combination of both? Do I really enjoy working with my colleagues?

Life is all about making decisions and deciding what is right for you would keep you in good stead. It’s not worth living a life full of regrets and anxiety because you live only once and you should make the most of it.