Work Life Balance
Work-life balance is an expression used to describe the balance between an individual's work and personal life. Today, the concept of work-life balance has become much more relevant than it was decades ago as more and more people are vulnerable to a lot of workplace stress. It’s all about survival of the fittest as young and strong-minded professionals fight it out in competitive work environments to gain success in their respective fields.

Over the last few decades, long-term loyalty to an organization and the popular sense of corporate community has been eroded by a work culture which is more performance-based. Today, companies offer very little security, but expect top class performance from the workers. Experts opine that technology would assist professionals to sort out or reduce most of the household duties and allow them to enjoy a better family life amid fun, leisure and relaxation.

Unhealthy work-life balance results into workplace and domestic violence. More and more people are experiencing burnout due to workplace stress or overload of work. One can’t continue working for long in a hostile environment and this is another reason for the high attrition rates in big as well as small companies. For instance, the BPOs and MNCs in India have ushered in a lot of jobs for freshers and college pass outs, but their odd working hours and rugged lifestyle are not apt for these youngsters in the long run. Here are few tips that can assist you in overcoming burnout syndrome:

Prioritise and plan - It’s quite difficult to find time for household chores, exercise, and adequate rest when there are urgent commitments at workplace. Try and indentify some activities that can be postponed for a later date or removed completely from your schedule.

Acting as a busy bee - Show people that you are extremely busy and you have no time to relax. This will let people in your workplace know how dedicated you are and they may also help you out. It’s also important to give prior notice to people when plans changes.

Be patient and just hang in - Life is full of stress and anxieties and that‘s nothing new for us. Just keep cool and handle the extra pressure at office or home with a strong will. You will be the winner!